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Mark T. Hofmann Corporate Entertainment Mentalist & Economic Profiler

Sherlock Holmes was yesterday, – Mark T. Hofmann is an international economic profiler & award-winning top-mentalist from Germany. As a corporate entertainer and keynote speaker/ consultant he performs and lectures for companies and organizations all over the world. His topics are spotting lies and psychopaths, reading people, the science of persuasion or the psychology of white collar crimes. He reads minds, he predicts and influences thoughts. He studied the science of persuasion and economic psychology and participated in law enforcement trainings in the fields of profiling, interrogation techniques and white collar crimes. He combines state of the art profiling-knowledge and corporate entertainment like nobody else.

Experience inspiring keynotes and impressive mentalism showacts, that will amaze you, your employees, customers and stakeholders.

Mr. Hofmann worked for companies like Microsoft, Airbus or the German Department of Commerce.

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Shows & Keynotes worldwide.

Mark T. Hofmann is based in Germany and available for worldwide booking. Contact us now and get an individual offer.
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'He fascinated our employess!'

He fascinated and captivated our employess! The professional, entertaining keynote was amazing and inspiring and was very well received!

'Worth every penny'

The performance was worth every penny. Our guests were impressed, - 60 managers from France, Italy, UK and Germany. It was entertaining, intelligent and literally fantastic. Mr. Hofmann was punctual, flexible, professional and fully present every single second. The feedback from our international guests was 100 % enthusiastical and admiring. We can wholeheartedly recommend Mr. Hofmann!

'We're still thrilled!'

Your performance at our event in the Mercedes Benz Arena inspired us and our customers. Everybody talked a lot about the show, we're still thrilled and want to thank you. At the next opportunity, we will get back to you.
Hire a Mentalist - international Corporate Entertainment
Economic Profiler and International Keynote Speaker

Hire Top-Mentalist & Economic Profiler Mark T. Hofmann for your event!

He is based in Germany and performs all over the world. Contact us to get an individual offer.