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Biography – Mark T. Hofmann Economic Profiler
Mark T. Hofmann Biography

Mark T. Hofmann


Mark T. Hofmann is an economic psychologist and profiler. He is part of a certification program by the Department of Justice to become a “Crime- and Intelligence Analyst”. He works hard to improve his analytical skills in the field of law enforcement. He is constantly improving his Arabic Language Skills (speaking, understanding, reading and writing).

He was born in Frankfurt, Germany. As a child he wanted to be a marine biologist. He realized quickly, that he is much more interested in humans, not in fish. From that point on, he read and practiced everything he could find about body language, manipulation techniques & hypnosis. During his Bachelor Degree , he focussed on the science of persuasion and later in his master degree on economic psychology, white collar crimes and spotting psychopaths. In 2016 he travelled to Washington D.C. and Texas and participated in police trainings in the fields of profiling, interrogation techniques, counterespionage and white collar crimes. Today he is part of a certification program by the Department of Justice, in order to become a Crime- and Intelligence Analyst. As an international keynote speaker & consultant & he speaks worldwide and global companies, organizations, universities and state authorities rely on his skills.  He is rated among the Top-100 Speakers 2018/19. And yes, he is only 27 years old. Theres is much, much more to come.

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Mark T. Hofmann

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