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Mark T. Hofmann is a Crime- & Intelligence Analyst and Business Psychologist. He consults private sector companies, Top-negotiators, NGOs and government agencies all over the world. He studied the science of persuasion and business psychology and participated in law enforcement trainings in the fields of profiling, interrogation techniques and white collar crimes. He combines state of the art crime analysis and psychology. His topics are crime analysis, spotting lies and psychopaths, reading people, negotiation- and interrogation techniques, persuasion or the psychology of white-collar crimes.

You can book him for consulting services, lectures & workshops, worldwide.

Mr. Hofmann worked for companies like Microsoft, Mastercard, SAP, Airbus or the German Department of Commerce. He is currently doing his PhD/doctorate on “Psychopaths” and is a lecturer in profiling and intelligence techniques. He speaks English, German, French and Arabic (العربية).

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You can book crime analyst Mark T. Hofmann for consulting, lectures and workshops, worldwide.

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