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Special Law Enforcement Training

Profiling & Psychology Training for Law Enforcement Professionals

What can police officers learn from a psychologist? What does profiling have to do with mind reading? What does the science of persuasion have to do with interrogations? A lot! Special times require special measures.

Mark T. Hofmann is an Economic Psychologist, Profiler and professional Mentalist from Germany. Top companies, banks and government departments arround the world rely on his skills. He is one of the worlds youngest but also most renowned and talented experts in lie spotting, reading people, psychological profiling, spotting psychopaths, manipulation techniques and the psychology of white collar crimes.

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Psychological In-House Training at your place!

For police departments, military, intelligence staff and other law enforcement institutions.*

*Only democratic countries, preferably: United States, UK, Germany.

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Profiling, Psychology and Crime

Customized In-House-Training for Law Enforcement Agencies, 1-4 Days

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'Worth every penny'

The lecture was worth every penny. Our guests were impressed, - 60 managers from France, Italy, UK and Germany. It was entertaining, intelligent and literally fantastic. Mr. Hofmann was punctual, flexible, professional and fully present every single second. The feedback from our international guests was 100 % enthusiastical and admiring. We can wholeheartedly recommend Mr. Hofmann!
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'Absolutely Amazing!'

Mark T. Hofmann performed and lectured multiple times for us at international conferences and summits and three times in the microsoft atrium in Berlin, Germany and we would hire him again at any time!
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'Everyone watched open-mouthed!'

Our international audience from 12 different countries was impressed by the professional keynote. Everyone watched open-mouthed and the 'wow-factor' of this program knows no bounds and works internationally. Clear recommendation!

In-House-Training: Psychology and Profiling People

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Economic Profiler & Psychologist Mark T. Hofmann teaches the best psychological techniques for law enforcement professionals

Econimic psychologist, profiler, mind hacker, based in Germany, available worldwide. Contact us to get an individual offer.