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Keynote Speaker – Economic Profiler Mark T. Hofmann
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Experience state of the art Profiling-Keynotes about reading people, spotting lies, the science of manipulation, psychology of white collar crimes or how to spot psychopaths. Mark T. Hofmann is an Economic Psychologist & Profiler, trained in the US. He studied the science of persuasion, economic psychology and participated in police trainings in the fields of profiling, interrogation techniques and white collar crimes. Top companies arround the globe rely on his skills and keynotes to amaze, train and inspire their customers, employees or stakeholders.

Mr. Hofmann is a profiler and award-winning Keynote-Speaker, so he is able to combine profiling-knowledge & motivational speaking like nobody else.

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'Absolutely Amazing!'

Mr. Mark T. Hofmann performed multiple times for us at international conferences and summits and three times in the microsoft atrium in Berlin, Germany and we would hire him again at any time!
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'Everyone watched open-mouthed!'

Our international audience from 12 different countries was impressed by the professional, entertaining keynote. Everyone watched open-mouthed and the 'wow-factor' of this performance knows no bounds and works internationally. Clear recommendation!
Economic profiler business speaker

'Everybody was enthusiastic!'

High praise for your performance at our German Headquaters. Everybody was enthusiastic and we've enjoyed it,- we will definitely recommend you!

Economy, Psychology and Crime

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Hire Economic Profiler & motivational Keynote Speaker Mark T. Hofmann for your event!

Professional Keynote Speaker, based in Germany, available worldwide. Contact us to get an individual offer.